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Originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1936, the Gray has been finished with fine details and her interior is well preserved. A stroll on the decks gives one the impression of old world shipbuilding with the varnished wood and detail that went into her and is maintained to this day. Her top deck has an unusual advantage of an helo deck and an operable crane. We long for the helicopter, but make due with storing skiffs, kayaks on her top deck.

Forward is the wheel house sanded and varnished to its original wood, Alaskan Fir, is a favorite hangout for our guests. Aft of the wheel house is the captain's stateroom/office and the master stateroom situated behind the captain's room. On the main deck are the two deck cabins and below are four additional staterooms and crew quarters. The Gray sleeps 12 and 6 crew. She has five heads, three showers, six double occupancy cabins, large galley with additional storage in the forepeak, a large aft salon and an observation deck. For Schematics of the rooms and deck layout.

D i n i n g R o o m
Our Dining Room seats twelve guests with restored original oak tables and chairs. Two side doors open out to the deck. Meals are unhurried and informal. There is no assigned seating, allowing everyone a chance to meet the crew and your fellow passengers. Breakfast is cooked to order and at your leisure. Lunch and dinner is served family style, with soups, salads and choice of entree. Special diets are provided for and we'll supply you with sample menu with your reservation.

G a l l e y
The Galley is unusually large with two convection ovens, three refrigerators, microwave and ample prep space. The doors to the galley are split (Dutch doors) making it a favorite spot to watch the coastline go by and converse with the cooks.

Aft Salon

A f t S a l o n
The Aft Salon has a relaxing atmosphere with an extensive collection of books, a maritime reference library, facilities for films, video library and full bar. Large comfortable couches that seat twelve. The Salon offers a place to recap the days adventures while watching the cooks grill your salmon dinner out on the barbecue The back of the salon opens up to the fantail with additional outdoor seating.

M a s t e r S t a t e r o o m
The Master Stateroom is located on our top deck. Attractively furnished with its original berth, private shower and toilet, mirrors, ship phone, reading lights, closet and plenty of space to store clothing and suitcases. Five full size windows in this cabin give it the most spectacular view.

P o r t & S t a r b o a r d D e c k C a b i n s
Deck Cabins are comfortable double occupancy cabins. Facing outside with the addition of a screen door to the deck one can experience breathtaking views. These cabins have three portholes, sink, desk, mirrors, ship phone and large closets. Spacious with plenty of storage space and unique charm these have been the favorite of our guests.

E n g i n e R o o m
An impressive engine room of just its size, only a Quicktime VR tour would do it justice. (Place your cursor over the window and hold down the mouse button and pan to see the entire engine room. While over image hit shift to zoom in and ctrl to zoom out. )

The Gray was repowered in the 60's with a twelve cylinder V-12 of 750 hp . Her main is a CAT 398 in excellent condition as it has not reached its half life yet. All systems are redundant, with 4 generators (3 shown), full sewage treatment plants, central CO2 fire extinguishing system, high pressure air compressor, watermaker and a full workshop.

Schematics of Decks

The cabins are divided by decks.
Deck House
One Master Stateroom, with double bed. full bath, desk, bunk drawer and five full size windows

Main Deck
Two deck cabins, Port and Starboard with bunk beds, double bottom bunk, with screen doors opening to deck, desks, sinks, ample closet space and three portholes.

Below Decks  
Forward Hold: Two large staterooms, Starboard and Port with lower double bed with top bunk. Closets, desks, sinks and portholes.

Mid ship: Two staterooms, Engineer's Cabin, Mid ship Cabin both with double beds, closets, sinks, one with shower, large desks and storage space.


Schematics of Decks
Main Deck
Below Deck


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